Water polo’s easy! Said no one ever

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Northwood’s Boys water polo team had a strong start to the season with a 5-0 record, and are now at nine wins to six losses. They are currently ranked 3rd place in Division 3.

Part of the reason for their success is the intensive training they go through. During the season, the Boys water polo have morning practices from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. three days a week where they swim, and lift weights afterwards as part of their conditioning.

In addition to the morning practices, the team also has practices every day in the afternoon where they swim even more, have intense scrimmages and participate in difficult practice drills.

One of the most grueling workouts they do is the infamous 100 100s, which entails swimming 100 meters 100 times back to back, with very little rest.

“It’s challenging, but after a while, you just keep going. You get in the zone, but still hope it’s over,” team goalie and senior Leon Shi said.

This grueling workout is usually done during hell week and takes around three hours to complete. Hell week is a week of the most intense workouts, and usually takes place at the end of summer.

However, all their hard work has clearly paid off, as seen by their impressive scores and ranking. And with the team having morning practices on Saturdays as well, the time commitment is quite large, but for many of the players, the commitment is well worth it.

“I like getting to see the constant improvement I make as a goalie and all of us make as a team. Winning is always great too,” Shi said.

Coming up soon for the team is CIF, which is in early November. In the past, the team has done very well, so many team members are very optimistic about their performance this year.

“I feel like this group works better as a team than we did last year and I feel like we have a good chance of going far in CIF again this year,” senior Christopher An said.