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Upcoming October events

As we enter the season of scares, here are some important dates to keep in mind.

NOW: Kick off the season the right way, and check out Tanaka Farm’s annual pumpkin patch from now until Oct. 28. Bring home a couple pumpkins and have a carving contest with some friends!

Oct. 1-4: It’s Fall Conference Week! Make sure to head over to your TA to discuss your academic plans, and enjoy heading home early afterwards because all classes will be running on a minimum day schedule!

Oct. 8: Students have a day off, so turn off your alarms and turn on “The Office” reruns!

Oct. 12: With the Homecoming Dance right around the corner, come out to the pep rally with school spirit ablazing and watch as the class councils show off their moves. That night, head down to Irvine High at 7-10 p.m. to watch the T-Wolves crush Portola in the annual Homecoming game.

Oct. 13: Bring Hollywood to life at the Homecoming Dance from 7-10 p.m. in the gym! Freshmen, wear your favorite player’s jersey, or even become them for a night because your theme is sports! Sophomores, choose your favorite lyrics and make them a reality because your theme is music! Juniors, binge-worthy shows are your new fashion trend! And finally, Seniors, break out the tickets or take it old-school, but find your favorite movie of all time and show it some love at this year’s dance!

Oct. 13-14: Get your spook on with Irvine’s annual Spooktacular Fun Days from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Orange County Great Park. Eat all the candy you can find at their treat town, but save some for the baby goats at the petting zoo!

Oct. 16: Head over to the theater at 7 p.m. to hear Northwood’s amazing choral department school you in their first official concert of the year, Music Fun01. You’ll get transported through the musical eras with the help of the six choruses.

Oct. 17-18: To keep hearing some incredible talents, head back to the theater for the next two nights to hear the instrumental portion of Northwood’s musical side.

Oct. 31: Happy Halloween! Have some fun, get some candy and watch a couple horror movies, but don’t be late for school the next morning.