Tutor Center: teach, learn, improve

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For students looking for guidance and support with completing difficult classwork or homework, Northwood’s Tutor Center provides them with the tips, tricks and study habits they need to be successful in every class offered.

Overseen by history teacher Logan Sewell and math teacher Sarah Ormes, the Tutor Center serves as a resource for students to develop better study and test taking skills by working one-on-one with a student tutor.

“Northwood is a very competitive atmosphere and difficult environment for students, and if you’re not in that upper echelon, then you can feel down about your intellect,” Sewell said. “I think the goal here is to empower students to feel comfortable not only with who they are, but what they know so that can spread throughout their classes.”

Providing a variety of student-tutors who specialize in each subject and class Northwood offers, the Tutor Center is a valuable asset to many students’ success.

“Because we have students that have taken every course, we are really able to, more so than anyone outside of Northwood, give students the directions that can specifically help them be successful here and know the experience of the teachers and courses,” Sewell said. “That sort of insider knowledge is unavailable anywhere else, despite how much you might pay for it.”

After the bell rings to end fifth or sixth period, tutors and their tutees head to room 1105. The head tutors have all students sign in, and then pair them with other students that can guide them with any help they need completing homework assignments.

“I discovered the Tutor Center this year, and it has helped me immensely,” senior Alexis Gopaul said. “The community is very supportive and has helped me improve in multiple disciplines in math. I have seen a big improvement in understanding of the material.”

In addition to guiding their students with schoolwork, Northwood’s student-tutors have made it a point to get to know their tutees both inside and outside the classroom. While it is important for the student to obtain help with assignments, a critical part of development includes fostering a relationship with the student and boosting his or her confidence both as a student and as a person.

“I think tutoring, most importantly, gives people access to another demographic and a lot of students that they don’t necessarily meet in the classroom,” senior and tutor Lia Chen said. “I started tutoring my student last year, and when she first came in she was shy and quiet, and she didn’t know how to ask questions. As the year went on, she has grown and it’s nice to see the impact.”

The Tutor Center, located in Room 1105, recruits new tutors at the start of every school year, and is open to all Northwood students on a walk-in basis. For those interested in joining, contact Tutor Center advisor Allison Singer in Room 926.