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Tricks, not treats

Each year, children and teenagers all across America look forward to Halloween, from dressing up to handing out candy, and perhaps more importantly, trick-or-treating. However, after tirelessly walking from door to door all night, that moment when they pour out all their candy from their pillowcase isn’t always pleasant.

In fact, some may be unfortunate enough to receive items that they would much rather keep outside of their Halloween baskets.

One Northwood student, junior Sreekar Kasturi, had the luck of getting a toothbrush while trick-or-treating.

“Even though Halloween is meant for handing out candy to everyone, parents these days think that they can find an alternative by handing out toothbrushes,” Kasturi said. “At least it had some use.”

Despite how bizarre Kasturi’s trick-or-treating experience was, junior Andrew Dai and senior Estelle Lee also had a strange trick-or-treating experiencereceiving Bibles from religious Christian families.

“It was really surprising to receive a Bible when all I really wanted was candy,” Dai said.

He claims that the Bible still sits on his shelf today.

On Halloween, some parents just want to express their inner childhood. Senior Frances Goyokpin not only received candy like average trick-or-treaters, but also something that you wouldn’t typically find in your trick-or-treating stash: an “Angry Birds” pillow.

“I honestly couldn’t believe how far some people will go when it comes to trick-or-treating,” Goyokpin said. “All kids are asking for is some plain old candy.”

Instead of keeping the pillow, Goyokpin chose to give it to her four-year-old cousin.

Despite still being appropriate for trick-or-treating, junior Kevin Moon was sadly one of many unlucky people to have received some dental-floss-shaped gummies.

“When I went to my dentist’s house, I expected floss,” Moon said. “Instead I got something I never would have imagined: dental floss gummies.” Shaped as different animals for children’s floss, this candy was designed to “promote healthy habits.”

As this year’s Halloween approaches, trick-or-treaters are praying to receive something in their pumpkin bucket that they hope to enjoy.