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Meeting “With or Without Mimi”

A 45th Congressional District Town Hall meeting was held at the Northwood Gym on Tuesday, May 13 and brought together over 1,000 constituents.

The meeting was organized by a constituency group known as CA 45th Town Hall, who branded this meeting with the slogan “with or without Mimi” and presented an opportunity for constituents to gather and discuss their perspectives on their representative, even though she did not attend the event at Northwood.

Others attended to understand the democratic process.

“It’s the first time we are taking a part in the town hall because we are on a green card, so we are just checking and trying to understand how the processes and the little details of the American democracy function,” 45th District resident Enrico Brambilla said.

The event was held in response to Mimi Walters’s recent vote on the health care bill posed in the House. A discussion was moderated by Sean Garcia Leys and included speakers such as Dr. Bill Honigman on healthcare, Roger Gloss on climate change, Jennifer Lee Koh on immigration and Nanette Fritschmann on education.  Each panel was introduced with the playing of brief recording of Walters’ speeches in which she discussed her perspective on the specific issue being discussed.

After each panelist provided his or her personal perspectives and experiences with the particular issues, the floor was open to the questions and comments of others. Questions varied in focus including those on bipartisanship, universal healthcare, planned parenthood and ICE deportations.

Northwood students also posed questions including Amnesty International president senior Sam Adler.

“My top two concerns regard climate change and also her viewpoint on things like abortion and healthcare. I don’t necessarily agree with her, and I feel like my voice as a student isn’t really getting through to my own representatives which is not OK,” Adler said.

This event was an opportunity for constituents to express their concerns. Individuals were encouraged to continue their political involvement and remain involved until the upcoming midterm elections in 2018.

“I think the purpose of this town hall is to show up Mimi and show her that her constituents care about the issues. They care enough to come out on a Tuesday night. We are working to let America know that we are resisting, and we are persisting. We are going to replace the red majority in 2018 in the House and the Senate,” constituent Mary King said.