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Top Formal askings

1. Bronze Martin (11) and Tiffany Tran (10)
Martin left Tran a silver tiara, a purple orchid, and a note with the following:
“Dear Rapunzel…
Step 1: Put on the crown provided.
Step 2: Open the blinds and window. Prepare to let your hair down.
Step 3: As you view the lanterns, answer the following question.”
Once Tran looked out the window, she saw a circle of lanterns surrounding the question “Formal with me?” With “Tangled” references and princess-worthy treatment, Martin is doing it right.
2. Christopher Ngai (11) and Jenny Kim (12)
It all started with a tiny ball of yarn with an even tinier note that said “Unwind me.” At the center was another note, reading: “I know it’s kind of late, but I’ve had some trouble thinking of an idea. However… I’ve finally strung up an idea to ask you to…” And on a wooden board with the yarn-wrapped word “Formal,” Ngai’s creativity and reputation as the Formal-asking master came through.
3. Bradley Arca (11) and Annie Lee (11)
Arca went through a series of awful puns before reenacting his freshman year’s asking, going through a boy band dance sequence, and then finally deciding on keeping it classy with a black and white poster saying “Formal?” and a single rose.
4. Mint Phowborom (12) and Neil Daag (alumnus)
Phowborm filled Daag’s college dorm at USC full with balloons and popped the question. Walking into a room full of balloons is a surprise on its own, but going to Formal is pretty great too!
5. Grant Hibbard (12) and Laurel Wong (12)
Go big or go home: Hibbard dropped two enormous posters down from the grate at the Oak during break, the first saying “Laurel,” and the second asking “Formal?” He also had two delightfully cheesy posters.