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Top 8 places for you to hang out during lunch


  • A place where you know you belong: We highly recommend the Trash Can by the 1300 building as it’s a great place to socialize with all your nonexistent friends.
  • In the middle of the road: There’s nothing more exhilarating than eating chicken nuggets on Portola while dodging cars driven by students that clearly need to retake drivers ed.
  • On the roof: It’ll be easier to stalk your crush. Just make sure you don’t accidentally fall on them. Instead, make them fall for you.
  • Those sketchy, aptly lit stairs behind the 1200 building: That’s where you’ll find Northwood’s secretive population of miniature, sentient oak trees. They’re pretty chill so you can do stuff like play cards, exchange texts and plot world domination with them.
  • Up the oak: Fulfill your dreams of becoming a squirrel, and slowly yet subtly throw corn nuts onto unsuspecting students. If you’re really dedicated, wear a squirrel suit and scream squirrel sounds to maximize the chaos that ensues below.
  • The pool: If it’s really hot outside don’t go inside a crowded classroom with AC. Be the cool kid that chills at the bottom of the pool.
  • The school garden: If you forgot your lunch and don’t have any money, just snag some herbs from the horticulture garden.
  • Nowhere: What even is lunch? Honestly, who even has time to eat these days?