The Sir Onion life: It’s the little things

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One of my favorite phrases is “make a difference in the world.” Not because I think it’s inspirational (I find it cheesy, in fact), but because it leaves you to determine for yourself what that world is. For some, it’s the planet earth and for others, it can be their church, community, friends, school, significant other or family. Far too often, we get carried away trying to create a difference. But often times, the best differences we can make in the world are the small ones we overlook.

We cannot change everything in the world that contradicts our values, nor can we change people into perfect human beings that we will always get along with. I don’t mean that to be discouraging, but rather, I hope you realize that every small action you take can matter and you don’t always have to worry about the big picture.

Too often, the name brand college, the partner of our dreams and our family’s stamp of approval are the only things on our minds. That becomes our world, one where we can’t create a difference because it’s too much to handle when your parents won’t share your perspective, when you can’t make that crush message you back and when you get that rejection reply from the college of your dreams.

But even when that happens, the road doesn’t end there. All around you is a world, and it’s your world. It’s a world filled with people that love you even if you may not hear about it everyday, filled with people who can relate to you, share the same interests as you and want to be there by your side. And whether or not you realize it, people make small differences in your world: the student who messaged you asking how your day was, your mom who says have a great day at school after dropping you off and the friendly janitor who picks up a bottle that you’ve thrown carelessly on the ground. Everyday, people are making a difference, and you are one of them.

That’s what The Howler is here for: to tell that story. Being a high school paper doesn’t make our scope small. We have great students like you and every day they are making a difference in this world that looks toward the deep blue sea and bleeds in white, silver and navy blue. We are ignorant of those differences because we’re too busy focusing on the future and the big picture, and that makes our world seem small. It is The Howler’s duty to change that, to lift that veil of ignorance, because when we can do that, we enlarge not only the visions of our readers, but our own as well. We gain a world vision when we comprehend how small things make the biggest changes, and that world vision is what makes us a more connected humanity. Connecting members of the pack is The Howler’s mission, because we believe that someone’s small story should not be left behind, because everyone makes a difference in someone’s world