The new and improved track

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With the Spring sports season rapidly approaching, Northwood is lined up to get new facilities for its Track and Field team

Currently, Northwood’s facilities consist of a dirt track and grass football field, which are often affected by inclement weather. After rainy nights, the track becomes flooded and can hinder practice for days.

“With the rain we had last year, it took up to two or three weeks to clear up. Even just the sprinklers could flood it,” Track and Field coach Louie Muniz said.

The new synthetic track and field would be usable in all weather conditions. Now track practice would not need to be cancelled due to the weather. Northwood will now have a rubber track and field turf with rubber pellets similar to Irvine High and University High.

“In terms of equity, it would bring us closer to other schools,” athletic director Philemon Roh said. “It would give us something to be proud of and be a gathering space for the community.”

The difference between the dirt track at Northwood and synthetic tracks elsewhere have even been known to cause performance issues.

“It’s hard to switch between the dirt track and rubber track, especially for hurdles where the number of steps in between hurdles is very important,” senior Max Giesemann said. “Having to switch surfaces can really throw you off.

Construction is planned to begin in March 2018 and end by July 2018. For this coming spring season, track and field practices will be held at Portola due to the construction.

These new facilities are anticipated to encourage more people to join athletics teams in the coming school year.

“With the new track, there will likely be a lot more students coming out to join sports,” Muniz said. “These new facilities will generate excitement. Kids will want to be a part of something that is brand new.”