The Mitchells: like Father, like son

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With the school year starting, there’s a lot of new students, as well as some new teachers like Peter Mitchell and … Peter Mitchell? That’s right, father and son duo Peter Mitchell Sr. and Peter Mitchell joined Northwood staff this year.

While both have previously been teachers, it is their first year at Northwood. Peter Mitchell taught for three years at Santa Margarita High School, and now teaches math here at Northwood, and helps coach the football team with his father. Peter Mitchell Sr. was a teacher for 35 years until he retired, but decided to continue coaching football. He is now the head coach as well as the defensive coordinator, and his son is the offensive coordinator.

“We have a lot of time to intertwine our schemes. We’re always involved, especially on the field,” Peter Mitchell said.

They spend a lot of time on the field working together to figure out plans and to make decisions about their coaching. However, they don’t spend every moment together.

“We don’t usually carpool or anything, but we will ride together for the games,” Peter Mitchell said.

Because of their differing schedules, they don’t go to work together, although Peter Mitchell would consider it if it was possible.

Both of his parents were teachers and influenced his decision to become a teacher. Teaching was always a passion of his, and the schedule happened to be an added bonus.

“My dad got to come home every day at around three and got to hang out with us and we loved having that,” Peter Mitchell said.

Peter Mitchell decided to interview for Northwood after his father got the head coaching job. He was excited that it worked out and that he got to be working with his father, as they are good friends and very close. He enjoys getting together and working with his father, although it isn’t always smooth sailing on the field.

“Just like the household, there’s always something we’re bickering about, but you know bickering, that’s love coming out,” Peter Mitchell said. “It’s funny to watch the other coaches watching us pick at each other, but it’s great.”