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The coolest Cauldron

The Cypress Village Center welcomed its newest dessert attraction in the form of a unique, liquid nitrogen-based experience known as Cauldron Ice Cream. Known for its creative ice-cream flavors and signature puffle cone, the store held its grand opening in the Irvine area on Jan. 12.

With neon lights and a bustling crowd, the store vibrantly stood out while a DJ blasted music and customers tested their luck by spinning a prize wheel. The cashiers and workers greeted the crowd with large smiles encouraging them to participate in their grand opening activities.

Cauldron’s ice creams create innovative mixes of flavors and toppings to create thematic and distinctive tastes for all to enjoy, the most famous being the rose flavored ice cream. Yet, there is a sense of balance on the menu that makes up for its wide assortment by not overwhelming customers to make choices, instead presenting options that remain unique and inviting to different palates from all over the spectrum.

Vibrantly colored, the most popular Rose H2O ice cream offers a subtle, delicate rose taste with rose-flavored sprinkles that provide an exciting change of texture. Its pink, aesthetically pleasing appearance goes best with the puffle cone, which provides a solid body for the rose presentation of the ice cream.

“I personally really love the Rose H2O,” junior Megan Lui said. “It tastes great, looks great, and on my Snapchat, I got a ton of messages asking where it was from. I can’t wait to try other flavors.”

For those looking for a bolder taste, The Cauldron flavor offers a strong cinnamon mixed with refreshing hints of a classic vanilla taste, finally complemented by Oreo dust sprinkled on for an extra punch. Named after its maker, The Cauldron is another one of the store’s most popular ice cream flavors and serves as the perfect introduction to the varying flavor profiles available.

Cauldron’s puffle cone, a Hong Kong egg waffle, is a delicious addition to the aesthetic and flavors of Cauldron ice creams, but customers should be wary of waiting too long to eat it. Because the waffle cone is served at a higher temperature with ice cream inside, both the ice cream melts and the cone is soaked after a while. One popular method is to remove individual sections of the gridded cone and use the pieces to scoop the ice cream so as to retain all its flavor.

One downfall we agreed upon was of the pricing; the base price of any order would be around $5 (the cost of single scoop). The quality is definitely there to justify the price point, but for the average student simply falls short. However, this is a minor set back compared the friendly presence of workers and vibrant environment that welcome in customers at any time. One of our favorite aspects of the company would be its pride in its “homemade, all natural ice cream,” and especially the introduction of new flavors each month for unique experiences each time you go.

For all of the quirky flavors, combinations and menu choices, we must recommend Cauldron as a must-visit location for connoisseurs and amateurs alike, always there to provide something everyone is bound to enjoy.