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Early starts are not for the faint of heart

There was once a time when the arrival of August marked the halfway point of summer. However, due to the recent changes in the beginning and end dates of the IUSD school year, the arrival of August now means that school is right around the

To weight, or not to weight: the AP dilemma

Weighted By Emily Hu The majority of our society is based on one principle: hard work pays off. This concept explains the desire for higher education that drives many individuals to achieve more than their peers. It is common knowledge that colleges look for applicants

A friend liked your post from October 2009

Some people just haven’t learned how to let it go. I mean, come on. That post was from 2009. Yeah. Six years ago. When a friend—as a joke or out of spite—trawls our Facebook timeline and “likes” our old photos or status updates, it’s hard

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Spread too thin?

With the return of spring conference season, the classrooms of Northwood are once again filled with projected class schedules, course requestors and students bemoaning the restrictive effect of the eight-period class maximum. Northwood students have a reputation for being involved in myriad extracurricular activities in