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A referendum on Northwood’s new math classes

Sometimes it feels like the justification for reorganizing Northwood’s math program just doesn’t add up. While Common Core may be the bane of many a student’s existence, the Integrated Math curriculum proves that there is always more than what meets the eye with its continuity

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Fake news on Facebook

Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote. But that’s because she sold weapons to ISIS. If you believed either of those two statements, you would likely be one of the countless victims of the fake news epidemic plaguing Facebook today. Facebook has become one

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Gun violence on campuses

At the time this article was written, the most recent school shooting alarm occurred just 10 hours ago. The problem of gun violence on campuses has been rising in the recent years. Now, with Northwood’s recent bomb threat on campus, the issue has never been

Should you have beef with people who eat meat?

The Vegetarian Says by Michelle Politiski Let me start by saying that meat is not murder. Equating people who eat meat to murderers does not help anyone understand each other better, and the decision to either eat meat or avoid it is a dietary—and sometimes

VAPA, where art thou?

When we typically think of high school education, our thoughts almost always go directly to academics. The image of students huddled over a textbook, frantically cramming for an exam comes to mind all too readily. But there’s a lot more to a complete and fulfilling