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Urban Outfitters: wearing controversy

For most girls and guys in their teens and twenties, Urban Outfitters is a staple when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories. It’s rare to walk into school and not see students wearing overpriced articles of clothing purchased from Urban Outfitters; however, not

Drive: a junior class pep talk

I wanted to write this for my juniors out there, because right now, things are beginning to get tough. It’s so hard to keep yourself motivated at this time, this time when it’s so completely crucial that you maintain that focus and keep your drive.

Sweet dreams: sleep debt

You may find it impossible to wake up in the morning, difficult to stay awake in class, and tiresome to finish homework. And it’s understandable, because high school can be a time of extreme sleep deprivation. School, extracurricular activities, social activities, and college applications unfortunately

AP: Advanced Pain

When did high school stop being high school and start being prep school? When did summers stop being time to play out in the sun, free of school, to time for summer boot camps in stuffy classrooms? When did Northwood students stop being high school