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And now, for something completely different…

The man, the myth, the manifestation of America’s vices – Donald Trump. Before we begin this article criticizing the media’s focus on Donald Trump, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the irony of dedicating an entire article to him. We realize we’re hypocrites.

Issue of the Month: Northwood’s Turf Wars

Northwood students returning to campus this August suddenly found themselves plunged into the middle of a turf war. In an unexpected coup, the natural green grass of Northwood has been replaced with the suburban solution to the California drought: artificial turf. Will this regime change

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AP Summer Homework

Take a step back and try to avoid that knee-jerk rebuke against homework we’ve trained our minds to have. We might not like to admit it, but summer homework does help us a lot. Research has shown that kids who are not given any academic

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The SAT: New test, new tricks

Pro: Essay is now optional and is NOT factored into the composite score Does not test obscure vocabulary anymore Has no penalty for guessing On average, there is more time for each question Could be better for students who are strong in reading because of

Early starts are not for the faint of heart

There was once a time when the arrival of August marked the halfway point of summer. However, due to the recent changes in the beginning and end dates of the IUSD school year, the arrival of August now means that school is right around the