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marching band

Marching Band performs at Disneyland

Northwood’s Marching Band experienced the magic of friendship when it performed in a Disneyland parade on Nov. 5. The group played three songs on a loop: Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” the drum cadence and the opener of their field show and the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery

sawdust festival

Sawdust isn’t just for lumberjacks

The Sawdust Art and Festival is home to wonderful pieces of artworks, none of which, sadly, are made of sawdust. Instead, it is an art festival held between June 3 to Sept 30  and every weekend between Nov. 19 through Dec. 18. Established in 1965,

snowman pic

December playlist

Preparing for finals, dealing with the piles of tests and projects that teachers are throwing on us before winter break, having to dig jeans and sweaters out from the backs of our closets– oh, and everyone’s coming down with a cold? What’s that? It’s the


November playlist: It gets better

November. College applications, piles of work to complete before winter break and a very impactful election. You have thrown a lot at us, but never fear, for The Howler crew is here to help you get motivated through this tumultuous month of change. These tunes,

autumn leaves

Autumn silence

Fall makes me feel like flying And I can hardly breathe through the leaves Yellow, orange and red They make me wish I were dead The sun sets on the horizon and grieves And the colors she casts are the same A thin veil, a