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A look at a few former NCAA athletes…teachers?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is one of the most prestigious associations where talented athletes come from around the United States and compete against each other at a national level. In fact, some of these former athletes are now current teachers of Northwood High School.

NHS volleyball on teamwork

Northwood’s Varsity Girls Volleyball team has held their own against strong teams in the competitive Pacific Coast League, ending their season with four wins and six losses, an improved record from last year’s three wins and seven losses. With the direction and guidance from new

Athletic director Brandon Emery shares his love for sports

As student athletes caught up in the chaos of competitive games, rigorous practices and grueling tournaments, we often forget to acknowledge and appreciate those that are working behind the scenes that ensure our safety and enjoyment. Over the past few years, Northwood teacher Brandon Emery

Everyone falls (some harder than others)

We are often drawn to the triumphant moments in sports, moments that define an athlete’s purpose on the field. However, very rarely do we get to take a closer look at those triumphant moments and see the funny, embarrassing stories that surround them. This month,

Ten miles? Not a problem

The pounding rhythm of footfalls on concrete. The sound of labored breathing under the burning California sun. For most high school students, running is pain; but for a strong, select few, running is a way of life. Northwood’s cross country team started off their season