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Helping the HEADstrong foundation

Athletes across the nation are participating in the HEADstrong Challenge to raise awareness for blood cancer. Primarily using the social media platform Instagram, athletes are nominating other athletes to post photos of themselves playing a sport with the hashtag #headstrongfnd and further nominate others to

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Vegetarians: plants and plans

For an athlete, a diet means more than just laying off ice cream and cupcakes. To stay healthy and energized throughout long, tiring games, this may mean eating a healthy serving of chicken before practice or drinking a good amount of milk. For vegetarian athletes,

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Pre-game pep talks about positivity

Every team has their own method of preparing themselves for big events, whether it be through some sort of game day tradition or a pep talk to hype up their teams before the ball drops. Because of this, pep talks can become an essential component

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Anthony Davis trade talks turn the tables

Anthony Davis will not be a Los Angeles Laker, at least not any time soon. After the New Orleans Pelicans star forward announced that he would not re-sign with the team on Jan. 28, rumors of trade talks for Davis between the Lakers and Pelicans

Coach Tim O’ Brien never stops tryin’

Basketball and golf coach, former health teacher and father, Tim O’Brien has had his share of life-defining challenges. In 2002, he endured an aorta aneurysm where he had six inches of his descending aorta replaced (a surgery that came with a 90% mortality rate). Only