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Sports stories: overcoming obstacles

When an athlete is injured on the field, everyone in the stands freeze. Unfortunately, Northwood is not immune to such phenomenon. This month, The Howler focuses in on a few heartbreaking moments in Northwood sports, when the air is silent except for the prayers of

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Wrestling coach Matt Ray

After having wrestled in his own high school career, Matt Ray has revived his old passion by becoming Northwood’s new wrestling coach. The Howler had an opportunity to discuss his new responsibilities and hopes for the team’s season with him. Victor Chang and David Huang:

Great wins and heartbreaking losses

Here at Northwood, many of our athletes experience great wins and heartbreaking losses. For some, the wins and losses aren’t just about the end result of a game, match or meet. They can be great personal victories and team moments. Here are some of their

Lane and Miss hit the soccer field this winter

You might have seen them in the Counseling office helping with those unbelievably long college apps, or in the classroom teaching the classic Romeo and Juliet, but this winter, you can expect to see Counselor Sam Lane and English teacher Jason Mize on the field

The new and improved track

With the Spring sports season rapidly approaching, Northwood is lined up to get new facilities for its Track and Field team Currently, Northwood’s facilities consist of a dirt track and grass football field, which are often affected by inclement weather. After rainy nights, the track