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Excelling on and off the course

While many of us on the Northwood campus can attest to being actively involved, few of us can compare to student-athlete-musician Claire Li. This sophomore plays flute in the school’s highest band and is a co-captain for Girls Varsity Golf. So how does the precocious

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Halloween Games

Children are not the only ones that will be enjoying treats on Halloween, as many young adults and parents will be glued to their television screen watching their team go up and down the court or the ice. Below are the top three games that

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Biggest Rivalries

Not only is October one of the most festive times of the year, it is the most exciting time of the year in the sports realm, in which nearly every single professional sport is spectated by millions of Americans. On one Sunday alone, an avid

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Teachers by day, coaches by night

Sandy Banks – Boys and Girls Tennis History teacher Sandy Banks is the assistant tennis coach for the Boys and Girls Tennis teams. He helps run practices and travels with the team to various tournaments. Banks’ desire to coach tennis stems from playing the sport

Girls tennis hits its sweet spot

After winning five games out of seven in its preseason, Northwood’s Girls Tennis is off to a great start, winning three games out of five in the Pacific Coast League. Under the guidance of head coach John Tichy, the girls hope to surpass their record