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Let’s get this bread: an athletic appetite

Being a student athlete is a huge commitment, not only with the time spent in practices and games, but also in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to succeed in one’s sport. Many athletes have to go the extra mile to make a larger impact on the

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Famous family lines in NHS sports

It might be hard to imagine that, despite being the second youngest high school in the district, Northwood has a long history of athletes and alumni like its sister schools, University and Irvine.  However, with 19 years underneath its belt, Northwood has already played host

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A successful season for Boys Cross Country

For the first time in the school’s history, the Boys Varsity Cross Country team competed at CIF Division 2 Finals on Nov. 17. They finished their season strong by placing 23rd overall at the race. “We felt it was a successful season and a very

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The king’s new kingdom in LA

It’s been four months since LeBron James made the controversial switch to the Lakers leaving many with mixed reactions. A former member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, James announced his move to the L.A. Lakers on a four year, $153.3 million deal in early July. According

Our handy dandy Andy

Most of Northwood’s athletes have the luxury of playing their sport without thinking about the work that goes into fostering a healthy, well-equipped team. From treating a sprained ankle to supplying cold water to the thirsty athletes that come off of the football field, athletic