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‘Til final deadline do us part

Romeo and Juliet. Gatsby and the American Dream. Elizabeth and Darcy. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Horrigan and Rubin. Mr. and Mrs. Olivares. Jan and the dress code. Northwood is filled with epic partnerships. And now for the latest, and arguably most legendary, addition to the list:

Around the world in 18 years

Living abroad in South Korea for nine years and traveling to over 20 countries have been the most transformative experiences in my life. Promptly after I was born in Hawaii, I moved to South Korea, where I lived from ages 1-10 while attending Korean schools.

Managed to the end

Everyone at Northwood has that one extracurricular activity they identify the most with, be it music, speech and debate, drama or sports. From my freshman year to the middle of my sophomore year, I dabbled in numerous activities, from basketball to Model United Nations, thinking

Advice to my younger freshman self

Well, here we are. After four years at Northwood, I’d like to think that a lot has changed, although looking back at my pictures from freshman year, it looks like I’ve pretty much stayed the same. Regardless, as a seasoned senior, I feel like I