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November playlist: It gets better

November. College applications, piles of work to complete before winter break and a very impactful election. You have thrown a lot at us, but never fear, for The Howler crew is here to help you get motivated through this tumultuous month of change. These tunes,

Halloween playlist

‘Tis the season, once again, and I’m not talking about Christmas. The true winner of holidays, Halloween, is just around the corner, and you need a bloody good playlist to celebrate the merry, or rather, spooky occasion. Break out the pumpkin juice, and listen to

June playlist: sweet summer songs

1. Surfer Girl — The Beach Boys 2. I Got a Feeling — Black Eyed Peas 3. Umbrella — Rihanna feat. Jay-Z 4. What’s Love Got to Do With It — Tina Turner 5. Summertime — Ella Fitzgerald & Louie Armstrong 6. La Bamba — Ritchie Valens 7. Lean On fea.