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Northwood math takes the integrated path

Whether you are an incoming freshman or returning sophomore, junior or senior, you most likely have taken or will soon take an Integrated Science class. However, science is no longer the only subject that will be using an integrated curriculum. Starting this school year, the

Letter from the editor

Dear fellow Timberwolves, “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” These words uttered by everyone’s favorite character Edna Mode from “The Incredibles” should resonate with everyone. As we progress into the new school year and embark on a new journey, it’s so

Make-a-Wish and SNL host inaugural Oakfest

Northwood’s first Oakfest fundraiser took place this Monday, June 8, at the Oak, featuring live performances and entertainment. The event was hosted by Make-a-Wish club and See Northwood Live (SNL). “The idea to have a benefit concert involving bands came from one of the See

Passport to Prom 2015

And we have liftoff! Northwood’s Passport to Prom took place at Soka University on May 30 and was enjoyed by all who attended. “Prom was so much better than expected,” junior Kevin Wong said. “I had the time of my life swing-dancing and couldn’t believe

Mr. Timberwolf 2015

A plastic red carpet. A theater of excited whispers. The dimming lights, then darkness. This was the Second Annual Mr. Timberwolf Pageant, which took place Wednesday, May 13, as a creative way to entertain Northwood. Chased in by the spotlight with his comical run was