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Mr. Timberwolf 2015

A plastic red carpet. A theater of excited whispers. The dimming lights, then darkness. This was the Second Annual Mr. Timberwolf Pageant, which took place Wednesday, May 13, as a creative way to entertain Northwood. Chased in by the spotlight with his comical run was

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Don’t miss a day in May!

The Class of 2015 celebrated its upcoming graduation with the annual Senior Trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain on May 14. The field trip, a school tradition, offered an opportunity for students to have fun and create memories as a class after four years of

Spring (dance) is in full bloom with “Equinox”

Northwood’s Dance Department will be holding its spring concert, “Equinox,” tonight and tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. in the Northwood Theater. Involving all levels of dance, “Equinox” follows the theme of seasons, capturing the transition that nature and the weather undergo. “Our dances are separated

Clash of the Classes

Clash of the Classes began at the Spring Pep Rally and was followed by a series of competitions from April 21-23, including class-specific dress-ups, dodgeball, Jeopardy and a talent show hosted by Northwood’s ASB. The sophomore class won Northwood’s inaugural Clash of the Classes. “Clash