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Dear Northwood… It’s not you, it’s me :(

Dear Northwood, I love your rolling hills. I love your majestic oak. I love your friendships and your memories (I’ll most definitely hold those forever true). But there are just some things about you that I cannot overlook anymore. I think it’s time to end

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What time is it? It’s… horoscope time!

At Northwood, worrying about the future is practically an art form. But at least for today, you can take that stress off your mind by consulting our handy-dandy horoscopes! They’re completely accurate. Like 101%. Pinky promise.   Aries (March 21 – April 19) Big test

“Best” Date Locations at Northwood

With Prom just around the corner, love (and hormones) are in the air at Northwood. If dancing the night away at Soka University doesn’t particularly appeal to you or your date, why not try somewhere a little closer to home? Even better—why not on Northwood’s

The tragic reality of Spring Break

The majority of us probably didn’t accomplish as much as we planned to during the fleeting week of Spring Break. Here are some cases that may seem familiar to you: Your mom told you that your family will be going on a vacation out of

How to find a leprechaun in Irvine

College tuition stressing you out? Need some gas for that car you just learned how to drive? Wondering how to cover those prom tickets this year? Fear no more, for there exists a simple solution. Follow these steps to locate a leprechaun in Irvine and