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The tragic reality of Spring Break

The majority of us probably didn’t accomplish as much as we planned to during the fleeting week of Spring Break. Here are some cases that may seem familiar to you: Your mom told you that your family will be going on a vacation out of

How to find a leprechaun in Irvine

College tuition stressing you out? Need some gas for that car you just learned how to drive? Wondering how to cover those prom tickets this year? Fear no more, for there exists a simple solution. Follow these steps to locate a leprechaun in Irvine and

What if our lives were all just one big fat television show?

Brace yourselves: it’s possible that our lives are only fictional imaginings, made to entertain the masses. Talk about predestination. But seriously, what if our lives are nothing more than a high school sitcom or slice-of-life anime? Whether your TV show of choice is this week’s

Image Credit: Janette Lu

Finals: You know you love ’em

Heck yeah! It’s that time of January again. Barnes & Noble stocks up on review books, the line to Starbucks is around the building, and Kleenex stock goes through the roof. Bird’s nest hair and wrinkled pajamas become all the rage. And nobody needs to

January Umms…

Umm… January is named after Janus, the Roman god of the doorway. He had two heads! Umm… January is National Thank You Month. Umm… the official flower of January is the carnation and the official gemstone is the garnet. Umm… the second Monday of January