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Alternative test facts

A lot of students probably clutched those As first semester with barely one point to spare our desperate grades. But, as always, there were those of us Timberwolves who were just below that border to get that coveted A in our classes because teachers stubbornly


Student misses graduation in traffic

Northwood senior Rangi Thimor was recently found still waiting in Northwood traffic after missing his graduation. Security camera footage indicates that Thimor’s Lexus had turned into the school as a freshman ready for his first day of school, and has waited there ever since. He

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How to survive Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, not that you’d know, being single and not going to receive a bouquet anytime soon. But never fear! Here are some ways to deal with being single on Valentine’s Day: Have a little shift in perspective. A fact that