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How to study for the winter finals

You leaf through the pages of your AP U.S. History textbook, trying to cram in all that you can before the final. You recognize Alexander Hamilton’s name from the musical, yet have no clue what his position on the federal government was. Panic consumes your

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“Bengo” craze sweeps Northwood

What began as a practical joke in Wind Symphony has now become a school-wide phenomenon that is causing students to create custom Bingo boards for their teachers’ signature phrases. “Bengo” (a clever portmanteau that combines “Ben-” of music teacher Benjamin Case and “-go” of the

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Irvine Company found lactose intolerant

Irvine Company has been exposed as lactose intolerant after being caught refusing to renew the leases of multiple ice cream chains across the city. “Honesty, how did I not see this coming?” Baskin Robbins regular sophomore Eric Gao said. “ I always felt like they

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Top 8 places for you to hang out during lunch

  A place where you know you belong: We highly recommend the Trash Can by the 1300 building as it’s a great place to socialize with all your nonexistent friends. In the middle of the road: There’s nothing more exhilarating than eating chicken nuggets on