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Northwood’s Visual and Performing Arts department (VAPA) hosted its first annual VAPA 8K fundraiser on March 20, National Arts Advocacy Day. The department insists that there is no correlation between their fundraiser and the Timberwolf 5K. “Our VAPA 8K, which is definitely not at all

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Northwood horoscopes: How is your month going to go?

Aries: Drastic change waits in your future, but one wrong move, and it can potentially be for the worse. Second-semester seniors, this especially goes to you. Think twice before telling yourself that “C’s get degrees.” Taurus: It’s time to open your heart! Love is in

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Seniors look for four-leaf clovers

With college decision season just around the corner, more and more seniors have been found hunting for those lucky four-leaf clovers around Northwood’s campus in order to boost their admission chances. “For me, I have always looked for these lucky charms before anything important comes