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Pumpkin spice epidemic sweeps across campus

In the worst PR disaster in the food industry since Chipotle’s meat recall, Starbucks has announced a total recall of its Pumpkin Spice Latte after the product was found to turn students into pumpkins. According to the American coffee giant itself, Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte

Halloween Pumpkin Crossword!

Across A round, orange squash. A smooth, North American fruit with slightly ribbed skin. An edible, thick-shelled, domesticated squash. A round, typically orange, plant ovary that grows on the vine of the Cucurbita pepo after its flowers are pollinated by pollinators such as bees. A

Legit NHS book spoilers

Quick, you forgot to do last night’s reading, and you have a pop quiz next period—what do you do? Duh! Sparknotes. (Or maybe LitCharts for you upperclassmen who need line-by-line analysis.) Now, not to discredit those wonderful sites—they’ve gotten me through a number of quizzes

Weekend fun things

Instead of actually going outside this weekend and doing fun things like a loser, here is a list of five totally cool things you can do this weekend. Refresh Parent Portal Make sure you’re connected to the interwebs. Type “parent portal IUSD” into the Google.

New subspecies discovered on campus

Earlier this month, a renowned government scientist approached The Howler with the news that it was possible a new subspecies of human had been discovered on the Northwood campus that appears to survive solely off highly caffeinated beverages like coffee and bubble tea. Though not