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Debunking myths about the theater renovation

Myth: the theater has been painted blue False. The theatre has not been painted. Everyone has spontaneously gone color blind over the summer. Myth: the theater’s curtains have been changed True. The curtains are going through a difficult time and have vowed to make a

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Northwood announces new mascots

In a tragic turn of events, Northwood’s beloved mascot is to be no more after a lawsuit was filed by the Minnesota Timberwolves against Northwood for the use of the Timberwolf. Northwood has until June 30 of this year to replace its mascot. Senior Cole

Trash Bin of The Month: Trash Can #1

Trash Can is a trash bin that has been serving on the Northwood campus as a trash bin for the past ten years. Because we felt that the school’s trash bins were not getting the respect and glory they deserved, The Howler decided to start