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Case study: The common freshman

If you catch them right before the morning bell, freshmen (Underclassmeni freshmanus) can be seen in their natural habitat, rushing to their first class after accidentally going to TA.   They can be identified at certain times during the day. The short students blocking others’

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NHS rolls in integrated humanities

With nearly 100% of all underclassmen choosing to take Integrated Science I and II and with the projected enrollment rate of nearly 100% in the Integrated Math program, the Integrated Subjects of Northwood are the most popular classes on campus. Due to the success of

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Teachers are people, too (continued)

The teachers at Northwood once used to be high school students too, and like all of us, they too have many funny and notable experiences, no matter how much times have changed:   Mr. Hoang You know there’s always an official senior ditch day when

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Balancing Senioritis with college apps

Delete your Netflix account. You’ll find yourself watching last week’s episode of “Game of Thrones” instead of working on those supplements. Actually, scratch that. Learn to multitask (a valuable skill) by screensharing G.o.T and your essay. Listen to your favorite music for a couple of

Who’s who in the NHS zoo?

As the school year resumes once again, the inevitable high school social hierarchy resurfaces, with the upperclassmen trying to assert their dominance over the underclassman. So, the real question to be answered is- how do you know who’s in what grade?   In their large