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Fun facts about the marvelous month of March

It was named after Northwood’s pride and joy, the Marching Band. Remember to give your thanks to Ben Case, Whitney Tavlarides, Erik Emery and Matt Ballard for the founding of this awesome month. Fall onto your knees before them and leave an offering of a

Opinion: I love College Board and I’m not ashamed

More important than the Department of Education, the Brown v. Board court decision or even Ben Shapiro’s masterfully crafted lectures, College Board has been the sole organization upholding America’s supreme education system in the face of increasingly less intelligent students. College Board has proudly remained

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April Fools to-do list

It’s that time of year again. Every year, there’s a very special day full of festivities where we honor the first day of a new beginning. A new April. Friends, it’s time for some shenanigans, and we’re here to give you some brilliant ideas (just

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Failproof matchmaking tips

In order to match the perfect couple, make sure your two subjects are not together yet. If they already are, break them up so you can set them up correctly again. After all, if you do truly care for their relationship, you want everything to

Beware! Senioritis is here

More infectious than the plague, deadlier than Ebola and more likely to invade a local Chipotle than E. coli, Senioritis is a disease that will stop at nothing until every high school senior is left as a lifeless blob of family disappointment. With the end