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Buckets of paint, buckets of fun

Sunshine, messy hands and good company. Painting over the summer gave Northwood students time to enjoy themselves while contributing to the community. A mural was painted by Northwood students at Alderwood Elementary School from July 10-19 after senior Kristina Kim was approached to paint the

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Sightseeing with the symphony

Local music groups Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra (OCYSO) and Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra (PSYO) toured Spain and China, respectively, this summer. OCYSO traveled to Barcelona and Madrid from July 5-14, and PSYO toured Beijing, Shanghai and Wuzhen from June 24-July 3. “My friends and

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Back to school playlist

Despite California’s perpetual warm, sunny weather, summer vacation is over, and it’s time for school to start again. Time for students to kick back into high gear, get their sleep schedules back on track (not really), and clear the cobwebs off of the dusty shelves

A fairy-tale ending to the school year

As the eerie melody for “Once Upon a Time” drifted through the theater, dancers clad in black and maroon slinked onto stage, kicking off the semi-annual dance show held by Northwood’s dance department on May 19-20. Titled “Once Upon A Time,” this year’s dance show

June playlist: sweet summer songs

1. Surfer Girl — The Beach Boys 2. I Got a Feeling — Black Eyed Peas 3. Umbrella — Rihanna feat. Jay-Z 4. What’s Love Got to Do With It — Tina Turner 5. Summertime — Ella Fitzgerald & Louie Armstrong 6. La Bamba — Ritchie Valens 7. Lean On fea.