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Coffee House

Drama students set up seating, lighting, and a stage, decorated with props from past productions and prepared refreshments in order to transform the courtyard behind the SAC from a small, unappreciated part of the campus to a social space filled with music and entertainment. Northwood

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Jazz at the… gym?

Last month, the Northwood music department hosted its Jazz at the Oak fundraiser on Friday, May 15. Although it was originally planned to occur by the Oak, the event was moved to the gym due to chances of rain. But not even the weather could

Springtime: a playlist

In the case of spring, a change in seasons means sunnier skies, warmer temperatures and brighter music. Here is a playlist that will melt away those winter blues and encourage you to sit back and relax under the spring sun. Here Comes the Sun –

March: a lucky playlist

Fortuna is the Roman goddess of luck, fortune and fate. With her capricious hands, she raises a toast to lovers, gamblers, rulers, and everyone in between. Here’s to being dealt the winning hand, finding a four leaf clover and wishing on falling stars. Here’s to

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Playlist live: connecting YouTubers & fans

Friends screaming. Fans fistpumping. Famous YouTubers performing onstage. The rambunctious energy of the yearly Playlist Live convention fills the atmosphere. An annual tradition, the event was established in 2011 by stores for online video creators. Popular YouTube personality Marcus Butler was among the many stars