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Sweaters and singers and symphonies

The arrival of fall is typically associated with changing leaves, chilly weather and pumpkin spice lattes, but for Northwood’s music department, it also means the first concerts of the school year. The Fall Concert Series ran from Tuesday to Thursday, and every choir, orchestra and

History takes center stage in Northwood’s fall play

“How, in the end, do we bear the crushing burden of survival? There was, of course, no satisfactory answer. But we struggle to find one anyway.” Such were the words of reporter William Shepherd, played by senior Justin Lee in the Northwood drama department’s production

Jack-O’-Lanterns: A How-To

Strolling down the sidewalk with pillow cases in hand, trick-or-treaters are no stranger to the sight of glowing orange smiles on the porches of houses soon to be conquered. The jack-o’-lantern is the quintessential Halloween decoration for most suburban homes, and people get more and

These are the drum majors you’re looking for

Directing musicians to march into the shape of the Death Star is not something that most people can say they did this summer. As the Northwood Marching Band gathered to prepare its “Star Wars” themed field show this summer, senior drum majors Marisol Chandler, Matthew