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Poetry, magic, music and more: Coffee House

Twinkling lights and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee helped the Northwood Theatre Arts Company transform the Performing Arts Courtyard on May 27 into a dazzling and relaxed environment that showcased the talent of students through instrumental, vocal and spoken word pieces. “It was amazing

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Jazz at the Oak

Trumpets and saxophones swung and sang under the stars at Northwood’s annual Jazz at the Oak on May 12.  The event consisted of performances from Sierra Vista Middle School’s Jazz Band and Northwood’s three Jazz Bands and two combos, along with raffles and food trucks.

Ali Huh: Artist of the Moth

She’s Wind Symphony’s principal flautist, one of the Inter-Disciplinary Art Council’s (IDAC) instrumental music representatives and next year’s Marching Band drum major. You’ve heard her singing alto in Viva Cantar, and playing flute for Jazz I and Pit Orchestra. She’s junior Ali Huh, and she’s

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Fine Arts Center Hosts Exhibition

Guests admired artwork in the High School Art Exhibition at the Irvine Fine Arts Center from May 5-26, where Northwood’s artists received well-earned recognition. “The exhibition was a memorable experience because I didn’t expect to be selected,” junior Cecilia Jung said. “I’m grateful that I

Dance travels ‘Back to the Future’

Whether it’s a painting, a song, a sculpture or a dance, the arts can be both timeless and a perfect picture of the times. They allow audiences to look back on what has been, and also look forward to what may be. Northwood’s dance department