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The best books from Northwood teachers

Between effectively managing school, extracurricular activities and down time, high schoolers find reading for pleasure less of a priority as their workload increases. The only reading many students do is reading the required novels for English class. While it may not always be possible to

Northwood’s Instagram-famous artists and musicians

Instagram isn’t just a platform for posting your favorite Winter Formal photos or your trendy Cauldron ice cream shots—many people make art accounts to display their artwork and talents. Some may focus on one type of art form, while others may branch out into many

Artist of the month: technical director Janay Sukkarieh

At any Northwood play or musical, audience members are always amazed by the incredible quality of the artwork and stage design, but few realize the incredible amount of hard work that makes the set possible. In an interview with The Howler, technical director senior Janay

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Photo tips from students

Photography shapes the way we communicate with others and the way we perceive the world around us. Whether it’s a way for you to document all those family road trips or to express your personal artistic style, these tips and tricks from the photography experts

Energy and fun at the Battle of the Bands

Hosted by Irvine’s Youth Action Team (YAT), the 26th annual Battle of the Bands was held at the Heritage Park Community Center on Feb. 15 to raise funds for the American Cancer Society (ACS). Six bands, comprised of members from various high schools in Irvine,