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Concerts bringing joy to the world of Northwood

Decking the concert hall with music, the winter concerts lifted holiday spirits, featuring Northwood’s choir, orchestra and band ensembles from Dec. 4-6. Kicking the week off was the vocal concert that featured all classes, including Treble, Bel Canto, Bass, Concert Chorale, Viva Cantar and Chamber.

Performing at Akustikof

High school students all across Irvine gathered for a memorable night of talent on Dec. 7 at the 13th annual Akustikoff hosted by the Youth Action Team (YAT), where acoustic artists competed for the grand prize of a professional recording session at Hybrid Studios. The

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Artists of the Month: twirlers Angelina Chen and Ben Zietz

Decorating the spotlight of Marching Band performances, feature twirlers juniors Benjamin Zietz and Angelina Chen add flair to halftime shows and captivate audiences as they spin their batons in midair. The two are already acclaimed for their baton twirling skills, as Chen has recently received