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Five things I wish I had known as a freshman

1. Join clubs that interest you. Don’t feel pressured to join clubs, sports and organizations just because your friends are in them. Stay focused on your own interests; your friends will still be your friends even if you aren’t in all the same activities as

Motooka: culinary queen

Among the line of classroom doors facing the cafeteria, one seemingly-ordinary door sports a handwritten warning for appropriate dress code, reflecting the discipline of the extraordinary crafts the room behind it enables. In what used to be a science classroom now dwells metal racks of

Let’s get technical

For Northwood senior Jacky Lao, being the technical director of Northwood’s theatre is both stressful and challenging—but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Lao, who joined Northwood’s theater in his sophomore year, wasn’t always the technical director or even on construction. However, he soon

Little note of love

Two Northwood students have made it their mission to bring just a little more happiness to campus. By creating handpainted cards for your personal messages, they hope to brighten any of your loved one’s days. “The goal of Little Note of Love is to give

Date night destinations

Why not skip the cliché movie theater rendezvous and have a little more fun planning your next date? Here are a few ideas for easy, free and local date night destinations. 1. Lambert Ranch A new neighborhood that recently opened near Portola Springs, Lambert Ranch,