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New Semester, New Routines

If you were to go through my phone, you would find that the majority of my texts are “WAKE UP NOW!” messages from my mother, timestamped 7:40 a.m. Here are some tips for those of us who need all the help we can get in

HALO sheds light on autism

Northwood’s HALO Dance for Autism Club may be one of the newer clubs at the school, but it has already made significant strides towards becoming a well-established student organization. Founded in the fall of 2013, HALO originally sprung from a few girls’ passion for dance

Twizzle, twizzle, little star

They move across the theatre in a flurry of brilliant costumes and effortless grace, spinning from one prop to another in a well-coordinated sequence of a musical odyssey. All 21 members, synchronized in their choreography, help an unforgettable story unfold on the ice. Leading them

Adventure is out there

As we enter the new year, many of you may have resolutions to get outside more often or to amp up your active life. If the prospect of committing to a gym membership isn’t very appealing to you, here are some prime locations in Orange

Top Formal askings

1. Bronze Martin (11) and Tiffany Tran (10) Martin left Tran a silver tiara, a purple orchid, and a note with the following: “Dear Rapunzel… Step 1: Put on the crown provided. Step 2: Open the blinds and window. Prepare to let your hair down.