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Sustaining your summer vibes

Just because school has started doesn’t mean summer has to end. In fact, although it may seem like autumn, summer doesn’t officially end until Sept. 23. And this is California, so who can tell the difference anyway? Below is a list of five easy activities

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Super Crew!

Freshman year can be a daunting time full of new classes, new people, a new campus and new expectations. But the six dedicated members of Super Crew train Northwood’s Link Crew leaders to help make the transition into high school as painless and enjoyable as

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NHS Cheer: The pep in their step

From their impeccable routines to their daring aerial stunts, the cheerleaders of the NHS Cheer team make every head turn during pep rallies. But when they aren’t giving flawless performances, these ladies are working hard to perfect their technique. The team geared up for the

What’s The Matter?

The Matter ( is barely a month old, but it’s already making huge waves at Northwood. Created by an anonymous Northwood student, The Matter is an ever-growing collection of surprisingly candid interviews with several of Northwood’s very own teachers. The Howler sat down with the

5 simple steps to make strawberry shortcakes

The arrival of spring comes with the ripening of many beautiful fruits and blossoms. Here’s a recipe for some delicate strawberry shortcakes, the perfect elegant dessert to celebrate this flowery occasion. Makes: 4 strawberry shortcakes Ingredients: 3 cups quartered strawberries 11 tablespoons (or ½ cup