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Top Formal askings

1. Bronze Martin (11) and Tiffany Tran (10) Martin left Tran a silver tiara, a purple orchid, and a note with the following: “Dear Rapunzel… Step 1: Put on the crown provided. Step 2: Open the blinds and window. Prepare to let your hair down.

Odd Vestures—anything but mainstream

To the dismay of shoppers around the world, lack of variety is becoming a recurring trend in the fashion industry. The same styles are imitated in every store for prices that make customers want to hold their wallets a little tighter. Northwood juniors Lia Kang,

Karen Yang: Life on and off the air

Junior Karen Yang is well-known among students as the Northwood Television (NTV) Life host. At the 2014 Orange County Film Festival in early January, she won Best Anchor and received NTV’s award for Best Broadcast as producer of the show. The Howler sat down with

Jeremy Wang: Debate King

First place at CSU Long Beach’s Jack Howe Memorial tournament. First place at OCSL State Quals in Student Congress. First place debate team at the World Scholars’ Cup Tournament of Champions. All of this in one year? It might seem impossible for mere mortals, but