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What’s The Matter?

The Matter ( is barely a month old, but it’s already making huge waves at Northwood. Created by an anonymous Northwood student, The Matter is an ever-growing collection of surprisingly candid interviews with several of Northwood’s very own teachers. The Howler sat down with the

5 simple steps to make strawberry shortcakes

The arrival of spring comes with the ripening of many beautiful fruits and blossoms. Here’s a recipe for some delicate strawberry shortcakes, the perfect elegant dessert to celebrate this flowery occasion. Makes: 4 strawberry shortcakes Ingredients: 3 cups quartered strawberries 11 tablespoons (or ½ cup

Club feature: Timberbooks

A “bibliophile” is defined as a person who collects or has a great love for books. “Epeolatry” describes the worship of words. “Agraphia” is another name for writer’s block. In Latin, a “vade mecum” is a favorite book carried everywhere. In the dictionary you can

The original Fempowerist

Beyoncé once said, “We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.” Northwood senior Isha Punja is doing just that. Founder of the first National Organization for Women (NOW) high school

The truck-to-table revolution

The only thing better than Orange County’s top two food trucks—Dogzilla and The Burnt Truck—is a collaboration of the two, available at one convenient location in Irvine, called Burntzilla, which opened its doors on Feb. 14. When I first walked into the half-restaurant, half-food stand