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An Ode to Second Semester

O, how long I have dreamed of this How long I have prepared This soothing and glorious bliss A moment that seems yet belated Four years of sweat, caffeine and tears Learning the limits of procrastination The time to relax has finally come To let

Yours Truly, Chloe Fry

Senior Chloe Fry entranced crowds for five years as the lead singer in a rock band called Yours Truly. The band broke up a couple months ago due to schedule conflicts, but she still plans to continue pursuing her passion independently in college. Chloe not

Teachers of the Year

For their dedication towards enriching the education of their students, history teacher Mary Deluca and math teacher Aruna Renduchintala were both recipients of the Teacher of Excellence Award for 2015. Every year, the Irvine Teachers Association awards teachers who continually demonstrate respect, integrity and responsibility,

What it takes to be an Eagle Scout

You may have seen them around school before, but you’ve never seen them in uniform. Seniors Anthony Yin, Dylan Brine, Jason Wong, Adam Do, Joseph Hwang and Aniket Mutatkar have spent years in the Boy Scouts of America. Many of them joined the organization when

Tebo Tebo: Boba in a bottle

It’s fair to say that boba is a staple of any Timberwolf’s diet. Although most of us get our boba fix from Lollicup, Tebo Tebo has moved into Irvine as a new competitor. Tebo Tebo offers a variety of fruit teas, milk teas and slushes,