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What it takes to be an Eagle Scout

You may have seen them around school before, but you’ve never seen them in uniform. Seniors Anthony Yin, Dylan Brine, Jason Wong, Adam Do, Joseph Hwang and Aniket Mutatkar have spent years in the Boy Scouts of America. Many of them joined the organization when

Tebo Tebo: Boba in a bottle

It’s fair to say that boba is a staple of any Timberwolf’s diet. Although most of us get our boba fix from Lollicup, Tebo Tebo has moved into Irvine as a new competitor. Tebo Tebo offers a variety of fruit teas, milk teas and slushes,

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: February Edition

With second semester just starting off, many students (especially seniors) are trying to figure out how to stay motivated. But never fear! The Northwood Howler is here to answer your questions to help you finish the year strong. Dear Howler, How do I start the

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Finals Edition

I really want to stick to my New Year’s Resolutions this year. How do you guys suggest I achieve this? good: First, make sure your resolutions are realistic and quantifiable so that you will be able to measure your progress. Break the process into smaller

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Unhealthy vs. Healthy Sandwich Recipes

A sandwich is a convenient choice that can be eaten on-the-go at any time of day. Here are two different sandwich recipes. While they both taste good, the second one contains fewer calories and more vitamins than the first one.  Unhealthy Italian Sub Sandwich Because