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The truck-to-table revolution

The only thing better than Orange County’s top two food trucks—Dogzilla and The Burnt Truck—is a collaboration of the two, available at one convenient location in Irvine, called Burntzilla, which opened its doors on Feb. 14. When I first walked into the half-restaurant, half-food stand

Captain of the Kaba crew

Charisma, character and coordination—senior Rachel Querido’s got everything it takes and more to be an amazing dancer. As captain of youth hip-hop team Kaba Kids and a member of Northwood Dance Theatre, Querido is no stranger to the spotlight. However, despite the attention that comes

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St. Patrick’s Day recipe

February finished as quickly as it began, and a sea of green has washed over grocery stores once again. In hopes of capturing the often underrated spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, The Howler Online decided to experiment with a matcha shamrock cookies recipe. Yield: approximately 10

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Five things I wish I had known as a freshman

1. Join clubs that interest you. Don’t feel pressured to join clubs, sports and organizations just because your friends are in them. Stay focused on your own interests; your friends will still be your friends even if you aren’t in all the same activities as

Motooka: culinary queen

Among the line of classroom doors facing the cafeteria, one seemingly-ordinary door sports a handwritten warning for appropriate dress code, reflecting the discipline of the extraordinary crafts the room behind it enables. In what used to be a science classroom now dwells metal racks of