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Pecan Pie Recipe

The holidays are coming right around the corner and with the holidays comes food. A lot of food. A lot of wonderfully mouth-watering food. To celebrate this gathering of the marvelous forces of food, here’s a recipe for pecan pie. Let’s start with the flaky

The buzz about Honeymee

Honeymee is the newest trendy spot in Irvine, but what’s all the buzz about? Its business model is centered around two basic ingredients—milk from family-owned Kosher dairy farms to make their ice cream and locally-sourced honey to drizzle on top. In fact, all items on

From track spikes to tap shoes

Though he’s known for his unbeatable track records, Savion Cotten also proves to be a star in the dance studio. It’s only his second year in Irvine, but he has quickly adjusted to Northwood through his various talents and activities. Oh, and you probably noticed

(Thanks)giving back

The aroma of turkey, cornbread and cranberry jam waft through the room, tickling your nose. Your face lights up because the tantalizing smells can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving! While many Orange County students can enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with beloved family and friends

Alan Simsovic: Tech hero

In the mid-’70s, young Alan Simsovic’s interest in technology was kindled when he began playing with computer tape at his high school programming class. His interests in both teaching and technology led him to Northwood High School. The Howler sat down with this tech-savvy expert