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Students Speak: What’s on your holiday wishlist?

“A bright pink 2016 Lamborghini Aventador.” –– Hailey Villaflor, junior. “My holiday wish list would include getting an ample amount of sleep, spending precious time with my dumbbells and enjoying a nice life away from school.” –– Jang Won Suh, junior. “An unlimited supply of

“Cooking is my therapy”

Culinary Arts can be just as complicated as it is fun, so we’re lucky to have two great teachers to help. Dominique Grenier, Instructional Assistant, enjoys her work as she helps out the main chef, Kristen Motooka. “I love working with kids from Northwood because

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DIY Sprinkled Ornaments

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” Need an easy DIY ornament to sweeten your tree and give your house that perfect festive vibe? Don’t fear, The Howler is here! What you’ll need: a clear ornament colorful sprinkles varnish a Dixie cup Remove the

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Pecan Pie Recipe

The holidays are coming right around the corner and with the holidays comes food. A lot of food. A lot of wonderfully mouth-watering food. To celebrate this gathering of the marvelous forces of food, here’s a recipe for pecan pie. Let’s start with the flaky

The buzz about Honeymee

Honeymee is the newest trendy spot in Irvine, but what’s all the buzz about? Its business model is centered around two basic ingredients—milk from family-owned Kosher dairy farms to make their ice cream and locally-sourced honey to drizzle on top. In fact, all items on