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NHS dresses to impress

The fashionistas of Northwood took to the Internet to show off their prom dresses this prom season. For the first time in Northwood history, an “NHS Prom Dresses” Facebook group was created. Students were encouraged to post pictures of their Prom dresses in the group—which

Seniors speak: thanks for the memories Northwood

Austin Chen— “My favorite high school memory has to be my senior year because I got to reflect on all the friends I’ve made and everything I’ve done over four years.”   Marie Danilychev— “Beating Woodbridge in basketball in my junior year was unforgettable because

2016 Irvine Korean Cultural Festival

Hundreds of attendees enjoyed the performances and food at the day-long Irvine Korean Cultural Festival on Saturday, May 14 at the Irvine Civic Center. The Irvine Korean Cultural Festival celebrates Korean traditions festivities, commemorating the large Korean community that has banded together in Irvine. However,

Grilled Avocado and Prosciutto Salad

With the entertaining season just around the corner, it can’t hurt to have a reliably simple yet impressive recipe under your belt. Treat your friends and family to this unique and sophisticated salad-with-a-flair. This nutritious feast showcases a wide range of natural textures and flavors