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Starting the school year off right

With the air gradually becoming cooler each evening and local stores changing their banner displays from festival outfits to trendy jean jackets, it’s a sign that the school year is finally here! Replacing trips to the OC Fair with late night study sessions at Panera

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Savoring summer

Though the end of summer break marks the beginning of back-to-school season with its monotonous days of lectures and homework, the idyllic summer season still continues onwards. Just because school has begun doesn’t mean you can’t savor the final days of summer by enjoying this

Student summer experiences

The freedom of summer break has provided countless opportunities for Northwood seniors to explore and pursue their interests as they begin applying to college. For senior Vinayaka Srinivas, break was spent at the state-funded residential program, California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS),

Lettuce taco ’bout lunch

For as long as students have been going to school, they have been bringing along packed lunches. However, for many students, these monotonous lunches sadly consist of nothing more than a cold sandwich, fruit and, if lucky, a chocolate bar. Nonetheless, some students have elevated

Brain break: snacks near NHS

Everyday after school, students rush out of class and pile into their cars to drive to a local spot for a bite to eat. Here are some of the newest locations around town to have a cup of boba, or even just to hang out