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Interviews with some of Northwood’s newest faces

In addition to a new class of students, Northwood also welcomed some new faces at the front of the classroom this year. History teacher and Northwood alumna Isabelle Comtois returned to her alma mater to teach Humanities 9 and 10, and has enjoyed seeing her

Makoa Lukela: on a flaming knife’s edge

While Northwood hosts a variety of talented and skilled students, few of them have hobbies that could potentially end up giving you third-degree burns, or even worse. One of these hobbies is the art of fire knife dancing, a polynesian dance that uses a large

Estelle Lee: political advocate

When it comes to political activism within school, senior Estelle Lee is a familiar face to many. From speaking out at last year’s gun control walkout to being president of Amnesty International, Lee has certainly established themself as a major political voice at Northwood. “While

Not your everyday electives

Every Northwood student can take at least two electives per year, and while everyone is familiar with electives from our World Languages department and our extensive Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department, there are a few unsung heroes of the elective world. Language, Culture and

Staff summer break

Many believe that summer is a time of relaxation and enjoyment only for students, but many forget that the staff here at Northwood also have a summer break. Here is how some of Northwood staff members spent their past summer.   Amanda Feest and Mi