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Tutor Center: teach, learn, improve

For students looking for guidance and support with completing difficult classwork or homework, Northwood’s Tutor Center provides them with the tips, tricks and study habits they need to be successful in every class offered. Overseen by history teacher Logan Sewell and math teacher Sarah Ormes,

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The coolest Cauldron

The Cypress Village Center welcomed its newest dessert attraction in the form of a unique, liquid nitrogen-based experience known as Cauldron Ice Cream. Known for its creative ice-cream flavors and signature puffle cone, the store held its grand opening in the Irvine area on Jan.

Good, Bad and Ugly: New Year’s, more tears

Cheers to a new year! It’s finally time to put the past to rest and look towards the new year with hope and maybe even a refreshing change, but something bound to not change are your helpful friends at The Howler! Figuring out how to

Dancing on ice: Sophia Chang

When she’s not busy studying for the next exam, she’s gliding on the ice rink, maneuvering in a series of spins and jumps on the edge of her blades. Senior Sophia Chang is not afraid to pursue her passion for ice skating. She sat down

Hopes for the new year

Every new year comes with new hopes and aspirations for students across Northwood. With the first semester finally coming to an end, students are looking forward to the fresh start of the second semester. Whether it be academics, sports or simply one’s interests and hobbies,