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Beauty Tips with Issa Wen

As the day grows shorter and the crisp weather descends on us, the promise of cozy sweaters, fall foliage and warm beverages is finally around the corner. Makeup enthusiast junior Issa Wen shares some of her beauty tips for transitioning to the colder weather. Moisturize

Inklings Club: the writer’s safe haven

For some students, writing is a fun way to de-stress and unwind. For others worrying about anchors, in-class essays and college apps? Maybe not so much. Love it or hate it, everyone knows that writing is an important part of every high schooler’s academic experience.

Halop and Keiko: the legendary music power couple

They are more than teachers. More than musicians. With the melodic poetry of their lives, Zach and Keiko Halop teach more than just notes and rhythm. They teach music. As the choral director at Northwood High School, Zach Halop, has spent the last 18 years

It’s Thanksgiving season! Time to cozy up with your friends over steaming plates of food! And what better companions than the Good, Bad and Ugly crew? Join us for some good conversation and advice, as we respond to all your worries. Dear Howler, I’m really

Halloween fright and delight!

Orange and black are the Halloween season’s colors, and a very “Orange” county has plenty of fun-filled festive spooks,  for October (and no, the word “spooktacular” will not be in this article). Here’s the rundown of top fun activities here in the OC on Halloween!