Studying tips for finals

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Stressing over finals? Can’t seem to focus? Looking for ways to distract yourself from the fact that your toxic, lazy studying habits might become the deciding factor in some of the most important exams of your high school career? Fear not, Northwood! The Howler has compiled some of its greatest final studying tips so that you may survive these coming days.

  1. Try taking a cold shower. A quick two minutes under an icy shower stream has been scientifically proven to increase your alertness, concentration and memory retention. It has also been scientifically proven to be one of the few hiding places where nobody can see your tears.
  2. Plan ahead and pace yourself! It’s important to schedule your study sessions ahead of time so you can stay on top of your game. Knowing you, though, you’ll probably lose focus 15 minutes in and end up binge-watching YouTube and Netflix with nothing on your mind except a lingering, sickening sense of regret.
  3. Try adjusting your sleep schedule! Instead of staying up late to study and getting a paltry five or six hours of sleep, why not forgo slumber entirely? Just imagine the amount of knowledge you’ll be able to cram into your fragile, weary skull during those wasted hours of rest and relaxationlikely your only respite from the pain of life. Who needs that anyway?
  4. Make to-do lists of all the tasks you need to do to organize your schoolwork. Once you see all the stuff you’d put off doing for the past several months of your life, you’ll either get a much-needed boost of last-minute panic-fueled adrenaline or become too depressed to continue or care. Win-win!
  5. If all else fails, Granite State University, Snow College and Weber State University have 100 percent acceptance rates.