Students will now be graded on school spirit

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Northwood High School administration recently announced a new grading policy under which students will receive marks on their school spirit.

After observing a recurring lack of support at league football games, the administration, in conjunction with Northwood’s ASB, has mandated that students must attend at least two home games while complying with the spirit themes.

“The goal is to make our football team great again,” junior vice president Shounok Ghosh said. “The first thing any great team needs is a group of great fans.”

The regulations have been the subject of criticism for weeks, with students protesting at the front office in anger. Some draconian requirements of the policy include a ban on any homework or blankets at the stadium, the collection of phones at the front gate and the potential loss of parking privileges during school hours.

“The football games were the best place to do AP Biology homework,” senior Eric Jin said. “Now I won’t be able to do it anywhere.”
If students are unable to attend the games, their academic grades will plummet and they will be required to enroll in either Marching Band or Pep Squad. The policy also extends to the Northwood dress code, as students found wearing non-spirited clothing will now receive Saturday school and a mark on their permanent record.

“It’s so unfair that I can’t wear my favorite Portola hoodie,” junior Andrew Dai said. “I spent eight weeks’ worth of allowance on it, and it’s the most comfortable thing I own.”

There will be an ASB meeting to discuss further additions to these guidelines next month.