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Students Speak : Best and Worst Halloween Candy

“I like gummy bears because there’s a variety of flavors. They’re so squishy, and you can decapitate them with your teeth. My least favorite is Starburst because it gets stuck in your teeth and you can’t decapitate it like gummy bears.” –– Michelle Jardine, junior.


“My favorite candy is Red Vines, because it’s really sweet. My least favorite candy is black licorice, because it’s really bitter. I know Red Vines and black licorice are both licorice, but there’s a huge difference between them. Red Vines are red and cooler.” –– Christopher Chua, freshman.


“I like Twix because it has a lot of flavor inside. You will visualise that you’re in paradise whenever you eat Twix. Airheads are so bleh. It tastes so weird. It doesn’t even taste like candy to me, but everyone seems to love it. It also makes your tongue look too colorful.” –– Afsan Ghaneian, senior.


“My favorite candy is Junior Mints because it’s nice and minty and when I eat it my breath smells amazing. My least favorite candy is Milky Way. I don’t like it at all. It’s just gross, and I don’t like it.” –– Julian Claire, sophomore


“My favorites are Three Musketeers, Snickers and Milky Way, because they all go together so well. I hate pretzels. I don’t know why they’re even a thing on Halloween. They’re definitely no bueno.” –– Troy Charbonnet, junior.


“My favorite is Butterfingers because it has the sweet and savory that I like. My least favorite candy is Almond Joy, because I don’t like coconuts. It’s weird and only parents seem to like it.” –– Zoe Baick, junior.


“My favorite candy is probably Life Savers Gummies because there’s a variety of flavors and I generally like gummy candies. My least favorite candy would be Sweet Tarts, because it’s a downgraded version of Smarties.” –– Andrew Lee, sophomore.


“My favorite candy is Reese’s because it tastes like heaven with chocolate and peanut butter. My least favorite candy is the Airhead Bites because it’s like small balls of rubber, and it’s so terrible.” –– Alexis Murphy, freshman.


“My favorite candy would probably be Sour Patch Watermelon because it’s a mix of sweet and sour, and it’s small so you can get a big bag of it and keep on eating it while doing something. My least favorite candy is Red Vines because its texture is annoying. It’s not hard or soft. It just tastes like stale candy.” –– Salma Hegab, junior.


“My favorite is Twizzlers because it’s twisted, fun to eat and there’s a lot of it for each serving size. My least favorite candy is dark chocolate because its aftertaste is really bitter.” –– Erinn Seehafer, freshman.


“My favorite candy is Snickers because I like the caramel and the nut combination, and my least favorite candy is Almond Joy because I don’t like coconut shavings.” –– Mimi Johnson, freshman.


“My favorite candy is Snickers because I like the chocolate, and my least favorite candy is Skittles because it’s too chewy, and I feel like I’m eating sugared rubber.” –– Ethan Fox, freshman.


“My favorite candy is Twix because it’s so good. The crunch and the caramel just work so well together. My least favorite is probably Twizzlers or any type of licorice because it tastes like you’re chewing on plastic or tires.” –– Amy Dong, senior