Students Speak: a new finals schedule

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Unlike the finals schedule from previous years, this year’s finals were held two weeks in advance in order to eliminate academic stress during Winter Break.

“It was really nice to get everything done before the break,” junior Warren Yin said. “The schedule prevented people from procrastinating and created a stress-free environment during the holidays. Students can fully enjoy the break as it is truly meant to be.”

In addition, the school spanned testing over a period of four days, allowing students to have two classes a day as opposed to the typical three during previous finals weeks.

“Having finals over four consecutive days makes the week a bit more stressful due to the length,” senior Geetanshi Sharma said. “However, as someone who has had 7th and 8th periods from freshman to junior year, I think the new schedule outweighs that negative because it gives those with a 7th or 8th period a much needed respite. In the previous years, it can be a bit difficult to study for the next day’s finals after taking three finals in one day.”

Despite not having to worry about studying over break, some thought that there were still downsides to the new schedule.

“In the previous years, they would all structure their classes in a way that accounted for extra time after the break,” Yin said. “But this time, there wasn’t really any of that, so many teachers tried to cram everything before finals. And regarding the following two weeks after the break, it would be better to have the semester end in December at the same time as finals, because it felt really rushed to have two-week units and more tests when the semester ended in January.”

While the new finals schedule was successful to some degree in promoting students’ well-being, there is still room for improvement next year.

“Should it be implemented again? Definitely,” junior Margaux Bergeon said. “However, in order for it to be better and more effective, teachers need to figure out how to manage class schedules a little bit better.”