Students showcase a wide variety of dances at Fallout XI

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With the end of the year approaching, Northwood dance students spectacularly showcased the results of months of hard work at their annual fall show Fallout XI on Nov. 29 and 30. Fallout was completely choreographed by students who relied on their own previous experiences.

“The show is called ‘Fallout’ because we stage whatever ‘falls out’ from our classes,” Dance Three member junior Jessica Park said. “We work through unrestricted rounds of choreography trial and error and whatever looks sufficient ‘falls out’ to the show.”

With performances by the members of Dance Three and Dance Theater, Fallout XI featured many different routines, that took the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions.

“I really like seeing all the different styles of dance,” junior Andrew Vu said. “It made each number feel memorable and exciting.”

Some of the audience’s favorite routines included the Act One closer, “Here We Go Again,” choreographed by Dance Three member senior Sara Shaygan to music from “Mamma Mia!” that had dancers move throughout the aisles of the theater, as well as “Til the End,” which had a running slideshow showing photos of Dance Theatre seniors Tara Asachi and Lia Chen, who choreographed and starred in the heart-warming duet.

To put on Fallout XI, choreographers submitted their proposals and were given a group of students to teach; after they learned the routine, the students would learn from another choreographer until they reached the end of their performance set.

“What I love about Fallout is that I get to bond with all the dancers in all the levels and step out of my comfort zone to try different styles of dance,” Dance Theater sophomore Katelynn Pi said.

As seen in the variation of the repertoire, from graceful, mellow ballads to upbeat hip-hop, dance students were free to explore a variety of genres and ultimately learn from each other.

“Seeing other people’s choreography inspired me to start thinking of new techniques to implement in my own choreography in the future,” Dance Three junior Angelina Chen said.

With the success of Fallout XI, the dance department has big flats to fill when they return to the stage next year for their themed spring performance.