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Students petition to replace oak with T-posing mall Santa

A petition demanding for the replacement of The Oak with a fulltime mall Santa permanently stuck in a T-Pose is quickly gaining supporters online. Alleged Northwood freshman Rangi Thimor has created a petition that has gathered more and more supporters every day and shows no signs of stopping.

“It’s an amazing idea,” said senior Jared Stein. “I think it’s a wonderful use of the school’s budget.”

Thimor has claimed that the school has been lacking in the Christmas Spirit and requires an immediate improvement. His desire to spread the Christmas Spirit is linked to a tragic event in Thimor’s past. After playing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey in early September of his 6th grade year, Thimor was subjected to years of bullying due to his choice of music. Instead of letting the bullies destroy his love for Christmas, it inspired him to spread his Christmas cheer to everyone, through his nonprofit organization Save Our Spirit (SOS).

“What happened to him was terrible,” said junior Jessica Lin. “But reading his story and seeing how he turned his pain into something cheerful was inspiring.”

The petition not only includes the introduction of a permanently T-Posing mall Santa, but the creation of an entire system to support Santa as he holds the pose throughout the holiday season. Santa’s suit will be lined with heating and cooling elements to regulate his temperature, along with various other life support systems to dispose of waste products. Santa will be watched 24/7 by a guard of highly trained 6th graders dressed as elves who will protect and feed him during the T-Posing.

“Rangi really thought of everything when he created this petition,” said junior Marco Moeljadi.

Despite the recent creation of the petition, support of Thimor’s cause has been rising. Many students have signed the petition for various reasons, from sympathy towards Thimor’s story to a genuine love of Christmas.

“I personally think that it’s a very artistic representation of the student body’s values here at Northwood,” said junior Patrick Tram.

While support for the cause is strong, it is unlikely that the petition would be successful. Northwood administration has made no comments regarding the petition.