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Starting the school year off right

With the air gradually becoming cooler each evening and local stores changing their banner displays from festival outfits to trendy jean jackets, it’s a sign that the school year is finally here! Replacing trips to the OC Fair with late night study sessions at Panera may seem difficult, but with a few modifications to a student’s daily schedule, the transition may not be as rough as it seems.

“The hardest part of transitioning is getting back into the busy everyday routine of school,” ASB president and senior Britney Zhang said. “This includes organizing and doing homework and spending most of your day in school.”

Between one’s classes, sports events, performances, and other outside commitments, it can be tough to keep track of all activities during a typical day. It is crucial for a high school student to have an effective system to monitor his or her schedule, or events and assignments will be forgotten.

“For me personally staying organized means knowing where my homework is and using a planner to map out my schedule and responsibilities,” Zhang said. “I find that being organized is basically accomplishing 50% of your tasks because it makes everything easier to get done.”

As high school requires students to have a deep understanding of the curriculum and think critically rather than memorizing facts, the work may seem difficult and, at times, unbearable. However, approaching any task with a positive attitude will make the challenge ahead seem much easier.

“Being well prepared and having a tenacious mindset is already half the battle,” Sophomore Class vice president Jasmine Sinchai said. “If you stay focused, try to understand the material before you, and put forth your best effort, you will succeed.”

While Northwood’s competitive atmosphere makes it intimidating for students to seek out help, teachers, counselors and administration understand the struggle and will not hesitate to help a student in need.

“We are here because we care about students and we genuinely like them,” Health and Psychology teacher Brooke Leys said.  “Even when we may come across as being a little bit intimidating, I think if students come from a place of believing that their teachers really do want what’s best for them, maybe that can help them get over the hurdle of the fear.”

With a large portion of high school spent working hard and pursuing one’s academic career, it’s easy for students to forget that their high school years are also designed to be fun! For the sake of sanity, it is critical to have a healthy balance of both work and fun.

“Remember that high school doesn’t last forever, so really try to live in the moment and enjoy the experience,” Sinchai said. “It’s such a blessing to be able to attend Northwood!”