Staff summer break

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Many believe that summer is a time of relaxation and enjoyment only for students, but many forget that the staff here at Northwood also have a summer break. Here is how some of Northwood staff members spent their past summer.


Amanda Feest and Mi Jin Kim

Counselors Amanda Feest and Mi Jin Kim traveled to Europe over the summer, visiting cities like London, Prague, Berlin, Madrid, San Sebastian and Barcelona.

“I loved getting to practice speaking Spanish while we were in Spain,” Feest said. “We had a great time everywhere we went and travelling with Ms. Kim was really fun!”

Having the experience to learn about different cultures and absorbing the history of each location were some highlights of their trip. After getting to visit so many different countries, Feest opened up to the enriching experiences of traveling.

“A takeaway from my trip is that the world is really big and even though I’ve done a fair amount of travelling, there are still so many places that I want to see,” Feest said. “I think that everyone should travel to have a better understanding of how different life is outside of the United States, in lots of good ways!”


Esther Lee

History and Korean teacher Esther Lee had the opportunity to travel to Korea for an educational tour.

“The first three days I was there, it was actually a tour,” Lee said. “So I was a tourist going to Korea for the first time rather than just being with my family. As a result, I got to see lots of Korean culture and its history, which was really interesting from an outside perspective.”

During her trip in Korea, Lee not only got to learn about new and interesting ways to teach Korean but also more about the culture of the country.

“The trip was about getting to know the other teachers from America which was really heartening for me, making connections, having fun and eating a lot of food,” Lee said.

Jacqueline Tran

An avid fan of traveling, AP Biology teacher Jacqueline Tran traveled to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand over summer.

“I got to go to Hobbiton, which is from Lord of the Rings, so that was the best part,” Tran said. “But then also just doing tourist things, like exploring where the opera house is in Sydney and looking at the big landmarks, was a really fun experience.”

Even though she faced some difficulties on her trip, Tran thinks that it is an important part of traveling to learn from.

“On my trip, one of my flights got cancelled, so we actually didn’t make it to Auckland,” Tran said. “We lost a day, and we also lost our hotel for that night because we were stranded. That happens all the time when you travel, so just being flexible, open to change and open minded helps you get through the situation.”