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Speculative Super Bowl predictions

A hectic NFL season highlighted by Patrick Mahomes’ crazy improvised antics, the Miracle in Miami, the Rams-Chiefs thriller and the Bears’ “Double Doink,” will culminate with Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Feb. 3 in Atlanta, Georgia. We asked Northwood students to predict the matchup and the final scores of the championship game.

Freshman Ritwik Kumar: “I think the Super Bowl matchup will be Patriots versus Rams, but honestly, I just hope the Rams get in. I think New England will win because that’s what happened the last time they faced each other, but I want Rams to win.”

Score Verdict: Patriots beat Rams, 26-10

Senior Manav Manivannan: “Knowing the Patriots, because they somehow finessed their way and beat the Chiefs in the Divisional Champions, they’ll pull off some nonsense to win the Super Bowl. I’m still salty over Super Bowl LI.”

Score Verdict: Patriots beat Rams, 31-23

Junior Chris Pukszta: “I think the Rams’ zone defense is working really well lately, and Sean McVay is a successful head coach. On the other hand, it’s the Patriots. Brady can get the ball out of his hands into his receivers’ really easily, but it will be a hard matchup against an amazing defense. Also, lots of field goals this Super Bowl.”

Score Verdict: Rams beat Patriots, 17-15

Senior Viren Abhyankar: “I think the Patriots will win due to their ability to create long drives and have both running and passing options that keeps opposing defenses guessing.”

Score Verdict: Patriots beat Rams, 24-17

Freshman Trey Littlejohn: “I think the Rams are going to win because their offense is too good for the Patriots defense.”

Score Verdict: Rams beat Patriots, 30-21

Senior Tyler Lee: “It’ll be an amazing fourth quarter comeback, even better than the Falcons’ against the Patriots. Brady is undisputedly the G.O.A.T., and I believe he will take it all the way this year. #TheyShouldHaveRunTheBall.”

Score Verdict: Patriots beat Rams, 35-24

Junior Johan Obillos: “The Rams are going to win because they have enough offensive weapons to score, and their frontline with Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh could destroy the Patriots offensive line. Even though Brady has so much experience, the explosive Rams offense with Goff at quarterback can get the Rams over the hump.”

Score Verdict: Rams beat Patriots, 31-27

Junior Pratyush Das: “I think both of these teams showed us in their respective championship games their ability to move the ball up the field quickly in tight situations. The Rams are a young, athletic team and I really think that Todd Gurley is going to give the Patriots rush defense some trouble, but with the way Trey Flowers has been performing this season, Jared Goff can’t rely on his O-line as much as he has this postseason. I see the Patriots taking this Super Bowl mainly because of their ability to pull out seemingly perfect plays for any situation and their ability to convert on third downs. Tom Brady is looking for this ring to cement his place in history, and we saw last week with that overtime drive how much this means to him. That fire mixed with the circumstances with which the Rams are somehow even in the Super Bowl makes me say that it’s going to six rings for Brady. If he doesn’t win, then I just said all this for nothing.”

Score Verdict: Patriots beat Rams, 34-24