Some advice for apps

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Class of 2018, we are 75 percent of the way there, finally able to graduate from Northwood High School. But in the upcoming months we will be undergoing the ever stressful process of applying to college, so here are some tips on getting by.

  1. Do your research: Start by looking at different colleges you are interested in and consider how many essays you will have to write. Do they take the Common Application? The Coalition Application? Or do they require a separate one entirely? Planning accordingly can help to lessen your workload, and it’s important to know whether schools have the qualities that match you.
  2. Only apply where you want to go: We all have the worry of not getting into any colleges, often causing us to apply to several colleges that we would never consider going to. Don’t let this be you. If you don’t think a school matches you, then why apply? Even if you consider a specific school a “safety,” there are probably better schools that suit your needs if you look a bit harder.
  3. Don’t procrastinate: Ahh, procrastination, the unending disease that pervades high school students. But don’t let it overcome you during this important process. Start working on those apps right when the school year starts! The Common and University of California Applications opened on Aug. 1, so if you haven’t started already, get working!
  4. Be yourself: You might feel the need to present yourself in a manner that doesn’t reflect your true beliefs or personality, and applications readers will know that. Just be yourself and work your hardest till the very end. Trying to be someone who you are not won’t get you into college.
  5. Proofread: Make sure those essays are error-free before submitting them. Once you submit them, you can’t edit them anymore. You don’t want to leave those spelling errors or random commas in your essays!