Seniors blaze the competition at Clash of the Classes

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Seniors won the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” themed Clash of the Classes, held from Jan. 11-17, where each class competed against each other in various activities such as dodgeball, trivia and a talent show.

“The ultimate goal is to create class pride and unity,” Junior Class Council member Leah Kong said. “No matter what the outcome is, it’s really nice to see your class be represented.”

The contest kicked off during the winter pep rally on Friday, Jan. 11 with a video to announce the theme. Each class was assigned a color for an element: seniors were red for fire, juniors blue for water, sophomores green for earth and freshmen white for wind. Afterwards, one representative for each class competed in the first event: a Mario Kart race, in which junior Neil Gopal won.

“The Mario Kart race was exciting and new,” Junior Class president Jennifer Frey said. “We believe this activity reached the interests of a variety of students.”

The following week, the competition continued with a game of dodgeball, putting the seniors against the freshmen and the juniors against the sophomores. The seniors and juniors won the first round and played again for the finals, resulting in a senior victory.

Another popular event was the talent show. The seniors won, but each class exhibited a wide variety of skills including singing, dancing and art. The judges comprised of three teachers: science teacher David Monge, math teacher Sierra Wang, and English teacher Cameron Wroe.

“I really liked the talent show because it brought out all the diverse talents of each class,” sophomore Harshini Ilango said. “Each class brought a new perspective and skill which made it really interesting.”

Seniors Aniela Bokota and Luke Demaio, ASB student board representative and ASB treasurer, respectively, organized the competition and ensured that Northwood values were respected throughout the games with the help of ASB and Class Councils.

“Fairness is very important,” Bokota said. “We made sure that it was as fair as possible this year by having the teachers make the questions for trivia, making sure that ASB never saw the questions until the event itself and having teacher judges for the talent show to ensure fairness as well.”

The trivia event had some new rules because of some discrepancies last year, like the many bonus questions given quickly at the end. To prevent biased judgements, ASB advisor Zeff Dena determined who buzzed in first. There were only 20 questions asked, with no surprise bonus rounds. The juniors won with a total of three points.

The announcement of the winner took place at Pack the Gym, a basketball game on Thursday, Jan. 17. At halftime, a black balloon was popped, revealing red confetti to signify the seniors’ victory.

“I think all the classes put forth an amazing effort, so I wasn’t sure who was going to win all week,” senior Tara Esfahani said. “With the seniors winning, I think our last semester of high school is off to a great start!”